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"Remy, this is my friend Kip." "He dresses funny," Remy informed… - L'esprit de l'escalier [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 26th, 2011|02:04 am]
empty cage girl
"Remy, this is my friend Kip."

"He dresses funny," Remy informed Elizabeth, looking Kip over. "Does he pay you to be his friend?"

Kip laughed loudly, grinning at Remy in appreciation. "I like him," he said to Elizabeth.

"You got something on your face," Remy added, and Elizabeth laughed as she fed Jelly a spoonful of mashed potatoes.

"Do you want something to eat, Yosemite? There's plenty," she said, nodding towards the plate of chicken fingers and pot of mashed potatoes.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," Kip said, taking the seat next to Elizabeth, across the table from the kids. He took a chicken finger, but wasn't sure what one was supposed to say or not say around children.

"Kip, do you like Skeletor?" Remy asked him curiously.

"Skeletor? I spent a good deal of my childhood trying to find out whether or not his skull is attached to his body. Is there flesh, is it just a spine, or does it float? Why the hood, when all he wears otherwise is a loincloth? There are so many questions."

"Uh... look at my kick-ass shoes!" Remy said brightly, choosing to ignore everything Kip said.

"Oh, sweetie," Elizabeth said, hiding a laugh behind Jelly's head. Kate had told her to point it out if Remy cursed. "That's a bad word, sweetie."

"God, what now, woman? Which word?" Remy said, rolling his eyes.

"The a-word," Elizabeth said patiently.

"Ass? Why is that a bad word?" Remy demanded, shaking his head.

"Because it's the accepted norm," Kip said, leaning back in his seat and linking his hands behind his head. "It's just another three letters, but the majority got together and decided to perceive it as bad, so it's bad."

"Accepted what? Huh?" Remy said, frowning at Kip.