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Things I'll miss about West Rox life #1:
Flying down the highway alone at 1am with the windows down smoking a clove and blasting music, singing my face off.
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Sitting in my comfy bed in my awesome room writing zombie stories (ADDIE GETS BITTEN!) eating Skittles, and listening to my dad whistle along to the radio while he attaches drawer handles. Friends coming over later for Disney movies and snacks. No work for two more days. Life, I like you.
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"Alright," Eddie said, laughing and then biting Max's ear. "But later I'm making you help me unpack, so..."

"Oooh," Max said, delighted. "That'd be a great excuse to skip an audition meeting, I think," he mused.

"Oh no," Eddie said, shaking his head and jabbing his finger into Max's chest. "Oh no, you won't. You're going. Or else."

"Or else what?" Max asked archly, even as he rolled to get up, yanking Eddie with him.

"Or else... you don't even want to know," Eddie assured him solemnly. "It's the most awful thing you can possibly fathom, though."

"Well shit," Max said, then he laughed, and yanked Eddie to him, kissed him, and pulled him out the window. "You couldn't 'or else' me. I'm way too charming."

“No, I totally could,” Eddie maintained, flopping down to sit on Toby, who groaned and shoved at him. “My desire to be able to say I’m fucking a movie star outweighs the charmingness.”

"Movie star," Max scoffed, belly-flopping down onto the bed and the two of them. "Not going to happen."

"You're so difficult, are you on this again?" Toby whined, burying his elbow in Max's stomach. "I'm going to cry. Do you really want to hurt me, Max? Do you... really want to make me cry?"

"Give me tiiime," Max sang, biting Toby's jaw and grinning. "To realiiiize my crime. You know, not many people know anything but the chorus to that song. I think probably I should be on gameshows."

"Movie movie movie," Toby whined, shoving at Max. "Movie! Do you hear me?!"

"WELCOMEEEEEE to Sing that Song!" Max said loudly, putting on his best booming gameshow voice. "I'm your host, Manly McSparkleTeeth!"

"Noo," Eddie and Toby both whined, and seemed to decide together at that moment that the best thing to do would be to tackle Max, and he was pinned under them the next moment, Eddie adding a bite to Max's shoulder for good measure.

"I'M MANLY MCSPARKLETEETH!" Max wailed, struggling exaggeratedly against them. "It's my true identity!"
Eddie laughed and covered Max's mouth with his hand, shaking his head and laying a series of nips and kisses over Max's jaw.

"Movie, movie, movie," Toby was still chanting, his cheek pillowed on Max's chest.

"Freeeeeee meeee!" Max whimpered, wrapping an arm around each of their middles and squeezing.

"Nope," Eddie said, nuzzling his face into Max's neck.

"Movie," Toby added again, for good measure, before he yawned and closed his eyes. "Nap." Eddie snorted, his arm wriggling its way around Max's waist.

"You like us, you don't want to be freed," he informed Max.

"Well. That may or may not be true," Max said, with his chin tipped up but a sparkle in his eyes. "However, your affection, boys, causes me to have to suppress my true identity. It's distressing."

"You don't have one true identity," Toby scoffed, as if that was ridiculous. "Max Lennart is a compendium of identities, each one more dynamic than the last."
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"You're not a creepy old dude. Eddie's a creepy old dude."

Max snickered against Toby's shoulder, burrowing in like the affection-hog he was. "He's pretty fucking old. Kinda crazy too."

"And yet somehow you like him anyway," Toby smirked, curling in just as snugly. "You're a complicated fellow, Max Lennart."

"You think so?" Max grinned, sounding pleased, but curious. "Tell me about it, mister writer. How would you sum me up on the back of your book?"

"I'd say you're an affection-fiend, distantly related to both Aaron Burr and Marilyn Monroe," Toby said with a smirk. "Also, you enjoy long walks on the beach and having sex with Edward Rupert Wells in inappropriate locations."

"Hey now, we have sex in appropriate locations, too, I don't discriminate," Max said, reveling in the description. "I'm going to have to Google Aaron Burr though. All I know is he killed some dude in a duel."

"Yeah, and then he decided to dissent from the Union, hopped into a raft and sailed away to an island, claiming it as his own country," Toby informed Max. "He killed Hamilton, by the way. After insulting his wife."

"Badass," Max said, brows raised. "I really dig the island-claiming idea. I'm going to have to look into that while the world is still in turmoil. I bet no one would notice."

"What will you name it? Rupert Island?" Toby smirked, teasing, poing Max's stomach. "Eh eh? Perhaps Isle de Edward?"

Max scoffed, and simply rolled to smother Toby with all of his weight. "You're a punk. Maybe I'll name it Stinky's Isle, in memory of that boy I had, until he mysteriously smothered one night."
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"Remy, this is my friend Kip."

"He dresses funny," Remy informed Elizabeth, looking Kip over. "Does he pay you to be his friend?"

Kip laughed loudly, grinning at Remy in appreciation. "I like him," he said to Elizabeth.

"You got something on your face," Remy added, and Elizabeth laughed as she fed Jelly a spoonful of mashed potatoes.

"Do you want something to eat, Yosemite? There's plenty," she said, nodding towards the plate of chicken fingers and pot of mashed potatoes.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," Kip said, taking the seat next to Elizabeth, across the table from the kids. He took a chicken finger, but wasn't sure what one was supposed to say or not say around children.

"Kip, do you like Skeletor?" Remy asked him curiously.

"Skeletor? I spent a good deal of my childhood trying to find out whether or not his skull is attached to his body. Is there flesh, is it just a spine, or does it float? Why the hood, when all he wears otherwise is a loincloth? There are so many questions."

"Uh... look at my kick-ass shoes!" Remy said brightly, choosing to ignore everything Kip said.

"Oh, sweetie," Elizabeth said, hiding a laugh behind Jelly's head. Kate had told her to point it out if Remy cursed. "That's a bad word, sweetie."

"God, what now, woman? Which word?" Remy said, rolling his eyes.

"The a-word," Elizabeth said patiently.

"Ass? Why is that a bad word?" Remy demanded, shaking his head.

"Because it's the accepted norm," Kip said, leaning back in his seat and linking his hands behind his head. "It's just another three letters, but the majority got together and decided to perceive it as bad, so it's bad."

"Accepted what? Huh?" Remy said, frowning at Kip.
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"You have freckles on your chest," she informed him, tracing them thoughtfully. "Do you realize how hot that is, Yosemite?"

Kip tilted his chin down to peer at his own chest curiously, like he’d honestly never seen it before, then lifted his eyes up again to admire the counterpart view. "You don't have any, not a single mark on that skin of yours... except for... right... here..." Kip said, nudging the material of her dress aside a little bit to lay his finger on a single freckle, just in the curve where her thigh met her hip. "I was admiring that before. Possibly the sexiest thing I've ever seen, personally."

"Oh, is it now?" she smirked, lifting a brow at him, her hair loose now and tumbling forward in curls. "So I don't need a face or anything, as long as I have that? And here I was all this time, trying to make myself look pretty for you, when all I had to do was show you my freckle. Her name is Shannon, by the way."

Kip nodded seriously, then looked back down at his own chest. "Mine are known collectively as Brian."