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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2011|11:08 pm]
empty cage girl
There she goes
There she goes again
She calls my name,
Pulls my train
No one else could heal my pain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

(no subject) [Apr. 23rd, 2011|04:31 pm]
empty cage girl
So I found out yesterday that when I start working next month I'll be making THREE TIMES what I make right now. I'll be making nearly as much as my mom does, who has been doing what she does for about 30 years. NURSING I LOVE YOU. You know, not to mention it'll be awesome to finally do what I have spent the past billion years worrying about getting to do... first worrying about getting into the college of nursing, then about keeping the grades to finish, then about passing the NCLEX, and then about finally finding a job... Now I have my foot in the door! I can't wait to have a ROUTINE and not worry about where I'm going next. If they'll have me, I'll stay forever I swearrrrr. If I won the lottery right now I'd donate a million dollars to the VA for having this super little program for poor lost new grads like me. I love you, VA!

a la Shoebox [Jul. 31st, 2010|01:15 am]
empty cage girl
[feeling like |heeee]

Try flinging rocks into the ocean, suggests a helpful voice in his mind. You can pretend they are at someone's head. But he doesn't want to fling rocks at someone's head, not really; he doesn't want to hurt people or run around in circles or put things down Peter's trousers or construct dungbombs with James or any of the things he usually does when he's uselessly angry. He doesn't have any idea what he wants to do, what will make him better, what will make all the dark, muddled, pointless stupidity that has been brewing in his head stop, just stop, and he yells, finally, helplessly, "Fuck!" and does an idiotic little hopskip of frustration into the water.

disappointment [Mar. 30th, 2010|11:02 pm]
empty cage girl
I bought a ticket on a plane
And by the time it landed you were gone again.

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