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"Alright," Eddie said, laughing and then biting Max's ear. "But later… - L'esprit de l'escalier [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 31st, 2011|01:09 am]
empty cage girl
"Alright," Eddie said, laughing and then biting Max's ear. "But later I'm making you help me unpack, so..."

"Oooh," Max said, delighted. "That'd be a great excuse to skip an audition meeting, I think," he mused.

"Oh no," Eddie said, shaking his head and jabbing his finger into Max's chest. "Oh no, you won't. You're going. Or else."

"Or else what?" Max asked archly, even as he rolled to get up, yanking Eddie with him.

"Or else... you don't even want to know," Eddie assured him solemnly. "It's the most awful thing you can possibly fathom, though."

"Well shit," Max said, then he laughed, and yanked Eddie to him, kissed him, and pulled him out the window. "You couldn't 'or else' me. I'm way too charming."

“No, I totally could,” Eddie maintained, flopping down to sit on Toby, who groaned and shoved at him. “My desire to be able to say I’m fucking a movie star outweighs the charmingness.”

"Movie star," Max scoffed, belly-flopping down onto the bed and the two of them. "Not going to happen."

"You're so difficult, are you on this again?" Toby whined, burying his elbow in Max's stomach. "I'm going to cry. Do you really want to hurt me, Max? Do you... really want to make me cry?"

"Give me tiiime," Max sang, biting Toby's jaw and grinning. "To realiiiize my crime. You know, not many people know anything but the chorus to that song. I think probably I should be on gameshows."

"Movie movie movie," Toby whined, shoving at Max. "Movie! Do you hear me?!"

"WELCOMEEEEEE to Sing that Song!" Max said loudly, putting on his best booming gameshow voice. "I'm your host, Manly McSparkleTeeth!"

"Noo," Eddie and Toby both whined, and seemed to decide together at that moment that the best thing to do would be to tackle Max, and he was pinned under them the next moment, Eddie adding a bite to Max's shoulder for good measure.

"I'M MANLY MCSPARKLETEETH!" Max wailed, struggling exaggeratedly against them. "It's my true identity!"
Eddie laughed and covered Max's mouth with his hand, shaking his head and laying a series of nips and kisses over Max's jaw.

"Movie, movie, movie," Toby was still chanting, his cheek pillowed on Max's chest.

"Freeeeeee meeee!" Max whimpered, wrapping an arm around each of their middles and squeezing.

"Nope," Eddie said, nuzzling his face into Max's neck.

"Movie," Toby added again, for good measure, before he yawned and closed his eyes. "Nap." Eddie snorted, his arm wriggling its way around Max's waist.

"You like us, you don't want to be freed," he informed Max.

"Well. That may or may not be true," Max said, with his chin tipped up but a sparkle in his eyes. "However, your affection, boys, causes me to have to suppress my true identity. It's distressing."

"You don't have one true identity," Toby scoffed, as if that was ridiculous. "Max Lennart is a compendium of identities, each one more dynamic than the last."